Monday, July 16, 2012

Todd Barry's TV Special Available on CD and DVD

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In recent months Comedy Central has released a tide of top flight comedy CDs and DVDs: Hannibal Buress' Animal Furnace, Reggie Watts', A Live At Central Park, John Mulaney's New in Town, and Doug Benson's Smug Life to name a few. Well they've got another one coming later this month with Todd Barry's Super Crazy, an extended uncensored version of his world premiere one hour TV special scheduled for July 21 at 11:00. 

Recorded live at the Gramercy Theatre in New York, Barry's set includes observational bits about tourists and travel directions, the real value of eating Italian food in a restaurant, and fraternity sales pitches delivered with his patented  laconic deadpan.  From the very beginning with his rant on bartending in the wilds of Montana to his finale about the fan who confuses him with another comic, Barry has the audience in the proverbial palm of his—well, you know where the palm is, and you don't sit on it, and neither does the audience.  This is funny stuff.  It has the audience roaring; it had me in stitches, and more than likely it will have you laughing too. 

Not only has Barry made the rounds of the late night shows—Letterman, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel—with his stand-up routine, but he has also appeared on TV shows from Sex in the City to Sesame Street.  His movie credits include Wanderlust, Road Trip, and Pootie Tang.  He was Mickey Rourke's boss in the deli in the 2009 Academy Award winner, The Wrestler
The DVD will contain more than 15 minutes of material omitted from the TV broadcast. 

Bonus features include his performance at the Friars Club roast of Chevy Chase and the video of Todd Barry on Giggles, Wiggles and Giggles with Gordy.  You can check out this video of what is supposed to be Barry interviewed by a student working on a dissertation on comedy from his dorm room on the Comedy Central website.  

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