Friday, November 13, 2009

Any Goodman to Tour in Support of New Book

On the Veterans Day edition of Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman announced a speaking tour marking the thirteenth anniversary of the show and in support of her new book, Breaking the Sound Barrier. She begins her tour on November 14 in San Francisco and ends in New York on December 2. A complete list of the tour cites is available on the Democracy Now! web site. Most of the stops are on the west coast in California, Oregon and Washington, but the tour does include stops in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Minneapolis.

Her book, Breaking the Sound Barrier, is a collection of her syndicated columns for King Features, beginning as early as 2006 and running through the summer of 2009. She writes about the war in Iraq, health care, torture and rendition as well as the failures she sees in the capitalistic economic system. Her intention is to speak with an independent voice as an alternative to the corporative media, which she feels in the pocket of big business. As such she tends to focus her on stories and people that don't always get what she considers their fair share of attention. My review of the book is available below.

She is perhaps most widely known for her arrest at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota when she came to the aid of two of her colleagues who were being manhandled by the police, an incident which she refers to several times in the book.

Among other notables the Democracy Now! web site quotes Stephen Colbert: “I heard you were a firebrand. Well bring it, baby!”

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